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From October 21, 2017 10:01 am until October 21, 2017 12:01 pm
Categories: Local Events
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Saturday, 21 October 2017 10:00 - 12:00
Row House
2128 Frederick Douglass Boulevard, New York, NY, US

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Are you managing your social media footprint? 

Want to "UNTAG" your photo?

Does that picture really represent your professional identity?

Is your LinkedIn profile getting you the responses you want from recruiters?

Could your social media footprint impact your dream job?

Are your Twitter fingers, likes and posts setting you up for failure?

How can you create a social buzz to take your business to the next level?


 This Brunch is designed for women ready to take their online image, the power of social media and develop what is needed for their careers.  Come to the brunch and learn and increase the impact of your social presence in a world full of profiles (LinkedIn), posts (Facebook), tweets (Twitter) and grams (Instagram).

In real time we will assist you in understanding, developing and applying the POWER of social media to enhance your profile, increase your followers, emphasize your passion project or build traction for a new business.

Here’s an opportunity to be your best social self, look forward to seeing you Saturday, October 21st at 10 am.


 With more than two decades of research experience, Carol Cunningham joined BET Networks’ Corporate Market Research team in September 2007.  Cunningham’s responsibilities include leading the charge on all consumer insights, trend spotting, questionnaire design and primary analysis for all qualitative and quantitative studies.    

Cunningham served as head of Strategic Research for Scripps Interactive (HGTV, Food Network, GAC, DIY and Fine Living) where she worked on all aspects of brand and media engagement, emerging technologies, streaming media and custom research special projects.  She was instrumental in selecting Simmons Market Research to spearhead Scripps’ engagement research endeavors and now they own the Engagement & Emotional Attachment business for the cable marketplace.    Prior to her stint at Scripps Networks, she also led all affiliate strategic initiatives for A&E Television Networks, ESPN and has extensive expertise in network, syndication and local broadcast having served as Head of Research for Univision’s WLTV, Fox Broadcasting’s KTTV, NBC Universal’s O & O, NBC 4 and as  Director of Syndication Research for MGM United Artists.

In 2015, Cunningham was given the Next Generation Market Research Disruptive Innovator Award (for Individual Achievement) at the Market Research Event conference and in 2013, she was selected as the ‘Research Executive of the Year’ honoring her contributions, innovations and research expertise by MAXX AWARDS editors, writers, and contributors at Target Market Research. At BET, Cunningham designed several seminal and ground-breaking studies—AFRICAN AMERICANS REVEALED: LIFESTYLES SEGMENTATION STUDY, REEL FACTS- EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT AA MOVIE GOERS & STREAMING MEDIA, AA DIGITAL CYBER BEHAVIOR & ATTITUDINAL STUDY, THE COLOR OF BEAUTY, THE BLACK FAMILY STUDY requested by the WHITE HOUSE and current studies making the rounds nationally, INSIDE THE AA MILLENNIAL MIND and BRAND LOVE 2015. 2016 is a banner year for BETN business insights utilizing learnings from CENTRIC’S TODAY’S BLACK WOMAN, AA REVEALED 2016 with a focus on influencers, trendsetters and culture catalysts/culture igniters, DAY IN THE DIGITAL LIVES OF AA CONTENT CREATORS and REEL FACTS 2- AA MOVIE GOER TRUTHS.

Cunningham works on the Diversity Alumni Task Force, Office of Program Development and the Newhouse Network Board of Directors at Syracuse University.   She completed these programs VIACOM’S RISING STAR THRIVE, CTAMU’s Executive Leadership Program at Harvard Business School, and the NAMIC Executive Development Leadership Program at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management. 

Brunch is provided in the ticket price*



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