Mon, Nov 19, 2018
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Diary of a REEL Girl     Dominga Image


Join the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., Manhattan Chapter as we get to view the journey of an upcoming filmmaker and producer. "Diary of a REEL Girl" is a docu-series intergrated with social media that captures the day-to-day events of director Dominga Martin (founder of House of Ming Productions, a boutique motion picture company based in Brooklyn, NY) as she executes decisions on new projects.  We'll get a behind the scenes glimpse of what life is like for a writer/director, on and off set.  Volume 1 of Diary of a REEL Girl will document a two month experience in Italy at CinemadaMare, an international film festival, where she was the only African-American filmmaker chosen to attend.  This experience will begin in Rome and travels through 10 Italian regions, ending at the Venice film festival.  Diary of a REEL Girl will be the first project leading into Ms. Martin's first feature film, My First Loves - a romantic comedy.

We are pleased to see Dominga Martin pursue her passion in filmmaking and look forward to seeing her flourish.

Sit back and enjoy your access to Diary of a REEL Girl.


Diary of a REEL Girl: Docu-Series Volume I - "When in Rome"



Facebook: Diary of a Reel Girl

Website: House of Ming

Also joining in partnership with Diary of a REEL Girl is Les Nubians, Grammy Award nominated sister duo; and Miss Jessie's, hair care products.



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