Sun, Dec 16, 2018
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The Manhattan Story

The Manhattan Story

We undertake our mission in several ways including strong programming with the intention to motivate, organize and challenge women and men alike to embrace the notion of equity and empowerment by all.   

The National Coalition of 100 Black Women - Manhattan Chapter story started in 1992.  A group of young women from New York UniversityLaw School and a few others saw the need to start a chapter that would endeavor to address the needs of women of color.  Topics of gender equity, economic empowerment and leadership development were of concern to this young group of professional women.  In order to address these areas of concern, these women knew that they would have to become active in advocating for their community to break down these barriers that exist with women of color. 

As a result, forty women formed the NCBW 100 – Manhattan Chapter and it was inaugurated by then National President Barbara DeBaptiste.  The Manhattan Chapter became a part of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women.  The National Coalition of 100 Black Women is a non-partisan, pro-choice organization that is committed to gender equity.  We are feminists working together with the shared mission of empowerment of women and girls of color.

At that time, the Manhattan Chapter joined two other established chapters in New York – the founding chapter of the national organization – New York Coalition of 100 Black Women and the Long Island Chapter.  Currently, the Manhattan Chapter is one of approximately 60 chapters nationwide. 

The Manhattan Chapter is diverse in age and talent.  This chapter is made up of phenomenal, hard working professional women that have given their time to advocate for issues that effect women of color.  Our members are professional represented by numerous for profit and non-profit sectors such as finance, health, human resources, social services, entrepreneurs and youth services.  All members are committed to the empowerment of Black women and girls in their community.
This organization is a growing, focused and vibrant force across the country.  The Manhattan Chapter implements the agenda of the National Organization at the local level focusing its efforts on activities that support their three tenets: 
  • leadership development;
  • advocacy on issues affecting women and girls of color; and
  • economic development; 

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